What makes us special?


Quality competes with our other goals and we understand what it means to you.


Feel like you lack imagination? We like to create things with fun.


We are always there for our customers so they know they can count on us.

Why us?

A little bit about our company

KatrielDev became part of the Katriel Group in 2013. Our company consists of a dedicated team of developers who use their knowledge and skills to turn any idea into a product. The products we offer you aim to improve the relationship between you and the end customer.

For this exact reason, KatrielDev goes through all the stages of development for a software solution, along with you. Thanks to the dedicated work of our team, we guarantee a high level of excellence in quality, and the support we give to our clients is extremely crucial for the longevity of the high quality quota we deliver. In today's extremely competitive market, KatrielDev has successfully distinguished itself as a reliable partner to companies from various business branches, and KatrielDev strives for constant perfection.